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The prophecy of my Sharon-a

There is a prophecy about Ariel Sharon.. Sharon, if you don't know, is a former Prime Minister of Israel and has been in a deep coma since 2006..

As rumors online and prophecies on YouTube videos would portend, the end is nigh when Sharon finally meets his maker and dies..
You can see more from this January 2013 post on BEFORE IT'S NEWS for more information.. Other websites, including this one, claim Sharon's death would mean an imminent return of Christ.. A prophecy from Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri helped brew this recent end times message.. Video here on that.

While the HORROR REPORT strays from such claims of end times and world destruction, we do recognize it as a modern day subject that needs to be paid attention to.

And that is why, this day, January 1 2014, we are greeted with news that may create a frenzied response on prophecy and end time sites across the net:  The medical condition of Ariel Sharon is worsening today.

Regardless of whether Sharon dying means we all meet a Christian maker or not, it's a very important event in world affairs.

WE will be following this event, along with whatever response prophecy sites across the World Widening Web..



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