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The return of the Syria crisis

CNN POSTS AN EXCLUSIVE: Gruesome Syria photos may prove torture by Assad regime »

CNN and the UK GUARDIAN has a joint exclusive on this Syrian story.. Here is what you need to know, thus far, about this developing story: There are photos of thousands of dead bodies in Syria. They are purportedly detainees who were killed in Syrian prisons. According to a ‘team of war crime prosecutors’ the photographs show direct evidence of war crimes and would stand up in an international tribunal …
More from CNN on a KEY point:
 CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the photographs, documents and testimony referenced in the report, and is relying on the conclusions of the team behind it, which includes international criminal prosecutors, a forensic pathologist, an anthropologist and an expert in digital imaging
CNN said that the images show a gruesome parallel to the Nazi death photos from World War II..
The evidence, we are told from the CNN report, comes from a defector named “Caesar.” He claimed to CNN that he photographed at least 50 bodies a day..
Obviously this is going to become a very quickly developing story. It’s been a while since Obama addressed the nation on Syria and war potentials.. maybe that address will soon have a sequel. 
Then again, it is worth noting: We have been told many things in the past about war crimes that never were, such as babies being thrown from incubators in Iraq in the early 1990s.  I do believe, however, that there are tremendously horrid war crimes taking place in Syria.
I suppose we will learn more as time ticks on. I still think there is a potential that the United States will enter a war in Syria..a



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