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To all those who found the HORROR REPORT because of the Comedy Central show BROAD CITY, and those who were already here, and those who somehow found me by either searching for 'teen boobs' or 'Lady Gaga naked', welcome board the ride.. We do things a little different here.. we look at the news with a different perspective, a foretean outlook.. We try to give you the news you don't know if you only watch lamestream news.. but really, feel at home here..

To the backwards, weird, and nonbelievers.. to the believers, the normal, and the wicked. You're all the same in the HORROR REORT's eyes.. stay tuned for more, and contact us if you want. We're here as much as we can be, and hopefully you'll get relief from what you've been seeing in the 'real news' for a long time.. 



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