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A Sunday Morning Sidewalk worth remembering

Infrequent updates this weekend due to the preparations for and the having of a 3rd birthday party for Ayden Morris. My son is three.. I cannot fathom the consequences of that for him, let alone me and my wife.. Three years of memories already.. three everything. Good things come in threes, even years I suppose.

I also wanted to throw in a bit of paranormal-lite numerology.

This year I am 33--the same year Ayden turns 3. (My wife doesn't count, she's ancient at 34..) 

Three means the trinity.. growth.. forward looking. 

3+3=6. The 6's essences are idealism and harmony. 3's are creativity and inspiration.
But me being 33 and Ayden being 3? Well.. 3+3+3=9. 
And 9 is the upside down 6. But 9 is sophisticated and has global consciousness. 
And I don't know what any of that even means.
But it's my son's Birthday.
And next year he will be four.. My God..

It was, also, a Ninja Turtles party. I don't usually wear a Donatello mask way too small for my head.



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