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As the cabin closes in..

Wall Street JOURNAL: Storms trigger rash of cabin fever »

As said yesterday.. I began feeling like Jack Torrance. Thankfully roads got cleared in time to make a grocery store run. It felt amazing to pay too much for groceries just because I was out.
I think there are times that some people impose cabin fever on themselves. There seems to be this thought, every time it is about to snow, that if people don’t get their bread and milk they are going to quite literally die. 
I have seen firsthand people panic and stock up on things, even though they live about 50 steps from the front door of a major grocery store..
I spoke to a local restaurant owner who told me he does not close when it snows, and since everyone else does, his business is typically better during storms. Smart move.
I myself get hungry for Chinese food during snowstorms. I can be confident that regardless of the day or weather, Chinese food will always be available.



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