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Banker deaths, golf courses in droughts, and animals striking back: This among the major headlines for the Tuesday Terrors

News to use.. not to abuse. Everything you are about to read is urgently important. None of it should NOT be a top story.. but there's only one top. And we're never on it.

There's lots of stories on the agenda for the Tuesday terror update. real and brutal headlines from around the world.. and also faint and scant signs of goodness here and there.
To coin an hackneyed term of today: It is what it is.

Bankers gone mad.. The HORROR REPORT and various other sources across the Internets have been telling you about the dead banker count now being 6. They are all considered suicides--jumping off buildings in London and even shooting themselves in the head with nail guns were among the choices to self-expire. And now we add number 7: A JP Morgan banker leaps to his death in Hong Kong.. Of the information we know now:  The man went to the 30-floor Charter House in Hong Kong.. police failed to convince him not to jump. JP says he was a junior level banker who played a role on several projects. Infowars has a wrap no the previous 6 suicides.. Anyone else besides me becoming very alarmed at this suicide rate lately? What else is happening that we don't know..? the dead bankers know something we don't? Zero Hedge is reporting that George Soros is putting a 'put' on a big market crash..

DING DONG THE BANK IS HERE! Other banker news that may hit closer to home than some distant suicides--so close to home it could be on your own front door.. According to Capital One, they now have the ability to show up at your door and also your workplace.. They have told their customers that they could show up just about any time, and any place, that they please.. One person observed that not even the IRS has these powers without specific warrants..

Venezuela is on the brink of some mighty bad financial times..

Mind control to Major Tom: Did you ever hear of Monarch Mind Control
Beyonce’s ‘Sasha Fierce,’ Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady,’ Nicki Minaj’s ‘Roman Zolanski’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Jo Calderon’ may be examples of Monarch Mind Control at work in the music industry.. 

Bill Nye's little science lie: The scientists held up an image of the Arctic losing ice.. problem is, he said it was the Antarctic..  Clearly there's a difference.  Actually, interestingly, Antarctic sea ice is 25% above normal at this time..

The drought in the West continues. President Obama has used the subject in speeches about climate change. And when he's not working, he goes to the West Coast to play golf at a water guzzling desert golf course .. Amid the wreckage that the drought is causing. Bad form POTUS..

Expect to see this link and video popping up on the paranormal sites you frequent.. And we have it here (maybe not first, but one of the firsts) .. It portends to be actual CCTV footage recorded at a pub in Britain.. The video was taken Valentine's Day. And it appears to show a ghost.  There's lots of room for this to be a fake, of course.. But it's creepy nonetheless..

The blindfolded men sit in front of the pit as the executor calmly raises his pistol
Brutality in Syria: CNN gets footage of mass graves and mass murder in the nation.. Some of the men appear to be teenagers.. At this point who in the hell cares which side is doing it, as we know both are. In 2014, humanity everywhere is beginning to act like it's just 14AD all over again.. Inhumanity and horror abounds..

Yesterday the HORROR REPORT and others linked up news that the UN was going to condemn Lil Kim Jong Un in North Korea for crimes against humanity. They did. And I read the report almost in full.. it reads like Nazi Germany. I really get angry at people who say the atrocities committed during World War II are limited to the 20th Century. Clearly they are not--they are happening now and Kim Jong Un is just one of the global players destroying goodness on this planet with his evil acts. China has now rejected 'unreasonable' criticism of North Korea--obvious global political games still being played even though babies and innocent people are being slaughtered by Kim.. The UN report says that the crimes in North Korea has no parallel un the contemporary world. I fear they are wrong on that.. Perhaps the worst of the worst is Kim Jong UN forced mothers to drown their newborn children..

IF you have been looking around lately and noticing people just being .. deranged.. it's ok. It's fine. As a matter of fact, mental illness is the new normal. Call it the hip trip.. Thanks chemicals.

Another new normal: Bizarre clusters of birth defects. So bad that they are haunting experts in Washington state..

There seems to be a shift happening everywhere.. Art Bell coined the term the 'quickening' in the 1990s. I think we are living through it.. Humans are evolving to become zombies thanks to meth and Krokodil.. businesses are rapidly closing due to an evolving economy .. visit a mall lately? And now this: Animals very well be becoming more aggressive towards human beings. Everything evolves.. Maybe animals are just getting sick of the 'masters' of the planet..? How long before Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS actually happens?

Yesterday, on my personal site COAL SPEAKER, I wrote some more details about the death of my hometown..This time, the topic was how meth and bath salts are working to destroy it.. give it a read if you have a spare few seconds.. 

Ever meet an internet troll? Chances are they were mean and sadistic.  So we're told.

The booms don't stop! The bangs won't end.. the earth noises continue.. Now residents in Oklahoma are freaked out and baffled by loud booms that are going bump in the night..  I am beginning to believe that either gas drilling is substantially changing the layers below the crust of the earth, or the core of the earth has dramatically shifted and now the earth's magnetic field is being affected. There are, at this point, no other logical explanations that would make sense of two plus years of earth booms from all over this planet..

By now the entire world seems to have heard about the supposed Sunbury Satan killings.. the 19-year-old Craigslist killer who said she killed 22 or so more around the nation thanks to her Satanic worship. Before a whole new Satanic panic begins, there are also facts to consider.. and lots of people are questioning her story ..

Pennywise the missing clown: Circuses lament, no one wants to be a circus clown anymore.. shortages abound..

Spooky: Scenes with the devil have been cut from the upcoming spin off of The Bible because of the actor, pictured in the miniseries, has an uncanny resemblance to President Barack Obama
Remember this man? It's Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, the actor who played the devil in THE BIBLE.. well...
What's a Bible without a devil? In Hollywood, a reality ... the producers of THE BIBLE have cut the 'devil' from an upcoming film based on the show because, reports say, he looked too much like President Obama..
And he did look JUST like the President..

Some major problems may be rising for NOAH.. The movie that Hollywood has highly advertised and screened for Bible fearing men and women is getting some bad marks from that crowd.. According to VARIETY, almost 100% of faith driven moviegoers are dissatisfied with NOAH.. Bad numbers for the exact fan base that Hollywood banked on..

Other quick hits:
Tsunami ghost stories haunt Japan..
Space dust filled with building blocks for life..
Has GOOGLE killed the 'password'?
Your food bill is about to soar (MORE)
Sinkholes in Britain appearing 5 times their normal rate..

The TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon appeared last night.. Critics say there was lots of buildup and hype but TONIGHT is 'strangely muted' .. 

Something you sure don't want to get mental images of: Barbara Walters openly talks about her vibrator..

This is the state of affairs in Sochi.. that's not snow (it's way too warm for snow there, surprisingly.. with temperatures soaring daily into the 50s and 60s, it seems more like the Spring Olympics than winter..) This is actually fog.. It enveloped the city of Sochi.. And the US is still sucking at the medal count..
First record warmth.. and now this: Fog envelops Sochi..

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