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CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT fires shot at Coast to Coast AM

Despite its name, John B. Wells' CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT SHOW doesn't compete with Coast to Coast AM, the show that formerly featured Wells as a weekend host. But that is not stopping advertising taking pot shots 'out the back door,' as Wells may say, at George Noory's nightly program.

The latest Facebook ad asking for subscribers to the John Wells program says this:
Are you sick and tired of hearing "serious" talk from Quacks about: Ghosts, Goblins, Disinfo and little Green Men?
Turn off and Tune in to John B. Wells!CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT: The John B Wells Program
Join the NEW radio and internet revolution! 
Join the C2M Caravan and be a part of Listener Supported content!
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Wells clearly is trying to take his share of Coast listeners who liked him more than Noory with him...

As reported earlier on this website and others, ratings for the Saturday night Coast to Coast was higher, often, than all of Noory's weekday shows put together. Even more, Wells' shows were always the favorites on the Coast website and high on the 'most popular' section of the website. Until his termination, when all references and links to Wells were quickly scrubbed within minutes of the decision.
That's business.
So is competition.

Even the paranormal lovers have abandoned Coast to Coast AM in recent years. With Art Bell's departure and other shows, like Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis or Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, there's options. And now there's another daily option with Wells...

Minus quacks and green men.
IF you want that, you can find it on the Wells' narrated UNSEALED ALIEN FILES.



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