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Dexter returns: Bagged, tagged, and alive

Walter Williams was in a body bag at a Mississippi funeral home when, much to the shock of workers, was found alive.. he was kicking as they opened the bag at the Porter & Sons Funeral home in Lexington..

The coroner was called to Williams' home ... the 78-year-old was declared dead on Wednesday night at 9pm.

The next day he was breathing and kicking, trapped in a body bag. Frighteningly, he was close to meeting a final, final end. He was in the embalming room when he was discovered to still be alive..

The Holmes County Coroner, Dexter Howard, said that he thinks the pacemaker in Williams' body stopped working but then started again.. Dexter said, at first, that the body of Williams was lifeless and without a pulse.

Questions exist.. was this a miracle, or the bad decisions of an under qualified staff..?
Where did Williams' consciousness go during his hours of death?
How may this affect Dexter's reelection chances?
And finally..
The one irony, if any does exist in this story, is that the coroner's name is Dexter.. Fitting for the story, perhaps..



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