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A Nightmare on Elm Street girls all grown up

Wes Craven re-tweeted a HORRORCON tweet  of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET GIRLS 'all grown up' .. Actually beyond all grown up--the NIGHTMARE series was famous in the 1980s through 1990s.. They are horror icons of last century, and many owe their interest in horror to the famed woman of the ELM STREET series..

In the photo: Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Tuesday Night, and Lisa Wilcox. They were the women who battled Freddy Krueger in dreams--and reality--during the long running horror series. Their fame and fortune rests almost solely in their appearances in the famed series started by Wes Craven about the man from nightmares slashing teenagers in their sleep.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was an iconic classic that shook theater goers to their core when it was originally released.  The dark presence of Freddy Krueger eventually got replaced by a more prankster and joke telling mass murderer in later films. But the film's creators mostly chose female heroines to ensure Krueger's passing--before rising again in the next film.

Seeing all of the horror iconettes together is good.. There are lots of horror fans who loved their roles and their abilities to put on a good show during movies.

In some flicks, the horror villain seems to get the more attention. In the NIGHTMARE series, I'd argue that these women were the true stars and actually, if you boil it down, were amazing role models to females who saw the movies.. they never wavered and they never failed, often becoming much stronger than the muscular men who fell victim to Freddy.

I have said it before and will say it again: Horror movies and professional wrestling both encapsulate the generation and society at the time best. What happens in both tells the story of the generation at that moment--what's hot, what's not, attitude, and other things. Stone Cold Steve Austin brought us into the roaring 'tough guy' 90s.. the SAW films perfectly summarized our early 2000s of terror and torture..

And these strong women of the 1980s gave us a reason to cheer.
Even though we laughed at the quips that Freddy told in nightmares..


  1. I had a mean crush on Nancy from part 1.

  2. Find out who Heather Langenkamp described as “Nicer and more wonderful than so many men that you would ever meet, I mean he just had a sincerity and honesty about him that was and still is, I think, very rare."


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