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Freaky Friday: All the news unfit to print

You made it earth!
You may not have found the plane.. but your survived earthquakes, cold, political candidates asking for votes, and yes, you even avoided World War III--this week. Sanctions aren't going to help. The cold war is back--although a friend of mine thinks a good Cold War is healthy, giving Americans a reason to hate again. Now we just eat. And drink.. and stay in front of computers 'protesting' with keystrokes. Some on the move protest with Facebook mobile posts. Few actually take to the streets. In this nation at least.
That's enough meandering verbiage for now.. It's time for the end of the world as we know it: The news.

President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia. In turn, Russia imposed its own, even saying John McCain could not go to Russia anymore--prompting the Arizona Senator to make a joke that he'll have to cancel his Siberia vacation. But to prove that current events have less in common with common sense and more in common with professional wrestling, read this: Russian President Putin is mocking the sanctions, and is even going to open an account in a US sanctioned bank! He joked that he will not be introducing a 'visa regime' to Crimea..

I LOVE stories about weird frequencies--Clyde Lewis has done a series of great shows on odd transmissions over the year. And with tension in Russia and the United States again, it's no doubt that UVB-76 is being listened to by people across the shortwave world. Apparently the haunting transmissions went active again this week..  Here is a video on YOUTUBE uploaded on March 18 2014 claiming that the shortwave transmission was back, and you can make out a voice in the background of the static..  IF you're into the numbers stations oddities, here's a site that logs all of the best audio..

For any readers in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Delaware, this Amber Alert should be seen. A precious life is in 'extreme danger' .. Maybe you can spot the SNOW BIRD TRUCKING truck today..

Reports this morning that initial missions looking at the area near Australia for the missing flight 370 have come back empty handed.. apparently there is nothing in the designated patrol area where authorities were hoping to find something..

Everyone is laughing at Don Lemon with CNN because he wondered aloud if a black hole could have swallowed up Flight 370--I didn't laugh, and you should not either. Don't even try to tell me that Lemon's point didn't cross your mind at some point over the past two weeks..  I think Lemon is a fan of the paranormal--I distinctly recall Lemon having Coast to Coast AM host George Noory guest on his show after that weird rocket like contrail over California a few years ago...

A new theory: The jet sank..

It's spring--you may not have noticed. And if you look at weather forecasts in certain parts of the United States, you'll know it does NOT feel like spring. This has been easily said the 'winter that never ended' .. but really, it's called winter. Just think, when it's hot from June through October, no one gets bothered. I myself was quite happy with the cold and snowy pattern in Pennsylvania this year. Even if global warming kills us all and icebergs melt, I can at least look back at the winter of 2013/14 and smile at those amazing days of heavy snowstorms and beautiful Arctic cold waves that cleaned out the atmosphere better than window on a table top.. Loved it. However... I am ready for spring too. It's on hold until most likely the second week of April, according to long range forecasts.. until then: The snow threat..

I was born into the Catholic guilt .. I distinctly recall being a child and thinking I'd burn in hell because I accidentally ate a chicken finger on a Friday in lent. I think I even tearfully told a priest at my Catholic school mandated confession in my early grade school years. Since then, it obvious became less and less of an important matter. However, I finally found an article from a Catholic site that claims to explain WHY Catholics are told not to eat meat on Fridays. Basically this: Hot blooded animals, AKA meat, can be equated to to hot sex. And for that reason you should steer clear. Seriously. Apparently St. Thomas never saw me eat Shrimp Scampi, which if made with Dry Sherry, becomes an gratifying sexual experience for me.

The large Louisiana sinkhole is still growing--but finally is showing some signs that is is becoming more stable. That one hole in Assumption Parish has ruined lots of lives..

You may or may not know this, but the BBC and lots in the British government have been involved with pedophilia rings. During LIVE BBC TV, a protester crashed into coverage to warn of the rings.. the Deputy Prime Minister was confronted during the incident. Godspeed, protester.. it's great TV and amazing important to realize that the protester is speaking the truth.  Let's not forget how this all started: Jimmy Saville from the BBC--and the investigation went from him to the rest of the British government. And it's truly one of the least reported and exposed story in the world right now despite the importance of men in power abusing authority, and abusing children.

Billy Joel shakes off some dust and appears on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon. And it made for pretty great music and good TV.  I saw Billy Joel twice live.. They were shows to remember. My wife wasn't a fan and grudgingly went to the Hershey PA show a few years ago. She instantly became a fan during the outdoor nightmare performance in beautiful brisk air.. (I still don't particularly like Fallon's brand of hosting, but this clip was good, although one thing that seems to be ok with Fallon is how he loves his guests as much as we do.. not much fake about him).

Weird stuff: ALIEN SNAKES in the sky, terrorizing world citizens! Sure, you think it's funny. Until one of those flying snakes lands on you!

Sometimes Twitter is disgusting.. Such as this :"Partystories" account featuring some kids aren't alright kind of stuff..

After 20 years, police re-conclude that Kurt Cobain's death was indeed a suicide.. Until I read this story, too, I had forgotten that Cobain was another member of the famed 27-club..

Animals see UV light from power lines..

Mosquitoes don't bite some people. But why? It has to do with bacteria and microbes on some people just smelling better than others..

Tesco has removed horror film 'The Hospital (2013)', pictured, from its shelves following complaints about its 'extreme violence and pornography'
British store says sorry for violent horror film being called too graphic for many..

Image courtesy Facebook
Bollywood horror film RAGINI MMS 2 reviewed: Sex can't save film..

The GRUDGE is getting a reboot--seriously?? DEADLINE reported it, so it's probably true.. But remember this: The 2004 movie cost about $10 mil to make and grossed almost $200 mil worldwide that year--and they are going to do a reboot? When they don't have to? Insane in the membrane.

The vanished flight 370 is bringing out paranormal explanations.. 

Amazing multi-colored UFO spotted in Australia.. 



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