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The year was 2012. People were alarmed at the thought that the end of the world may come on December 21, 2012--the Mayan Calender was ending and NASA's space scientists were taking to YouTube to talk about how there was NO THREAT to the planet earth in 2012. Remember that? NASA and other 'experts' said of how much of a hoax the 2012 threat was..
Nothing to see here.
Nothing to be afraid of.

Now scientists are saying that destructive solar blasts NARROWLY missed the planet earth in 2012! Narrow.

Though the public pronouncements said that human beings had no reason to hide behind duct-taped windows in 2012--but we almost didn't even get to the end of the Mayan calender..

REUTERS reported this today,

Massive bursts of solar wind and magnetic fields, shot into space on July 23, 2012, would have been aimed directly at Earth if they had happened nine days earlier, Luhmann said.

The bursts from the sun, called coronal mass ejections, carried southward magnetic fields and would have clashed with Earth's northward field, causing a shift in electrical currents that could have caused electrical transformers to burst into flames, Luhmann said. The fields also would have interfered with global positioning system satellites.
Narrow miss.
Though there was 'nothing to see' that year.. If you recall..



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