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A personal paranormal barbecue summit

Discussions over grilled food

I had a wonderful free flowing discussion with friends yesterday .. we were invited to a very early spring barbecue.. great food. And even better conversation.. We spoke about the missing flight 370, we talked about conspiracy theories, 9/11, God or the lack of one, and the meaning of life and whether mediums have the ability to talk to the dead. It was all of my interests spiraled into one great chat with good people—add to that chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese.
I did come to a realization, though.. During the conversation, others gave adamant opinions about their personal beliefs—their thoughts on what God is and if there is one, along with any other theory of mythological or paranormal subject matter. As for me? I just don’t know.
I don’t really know anything.
I read the theories, I see the information presented by experts, I know of the books, the Bibles, the Korans, the priests, and the ghostly tales.. I am aware of the Planet Nibiru.. I know that aliens met Dwight Eisenhower and told him there’s no God.. I know that George Noory has the worst toupee on earth.
But I just don’t know what my own opinion is.. I look at others who often say that they have the answers as closed-minded.. I often categorize Christian zealots in the same bin as atheists—neither allows much thought opposed to their own..
But as for me? I just don’t know..
Opinions are so often existent only to be proven wrong.. If I say that Flight 370 landed safely there’s the chance it didn’t.. and really, I just don’t know!
I don’t know!
We don’t know!

And though we don’t know, we will endlessly fall victim to the parade of opinionmakers, and haphazardly jump on the blowhard bandwagon of hot air. No one on that train knows, really. They just don’t admit it.
Is there a God? I really don’t know.
Are there aliens? I don’t know.
Is anything real?

Is anything real…That is the question Truman Burbank asked in one of my favorite movies, THE TRUMAN SHOW. The answer he got was that he was real.
Maybe that’s it.. nothing is really real.. except us. And we waste too much time debating and creating wars about Gods we have never seen and beliefs we cannot defend with fact.
I want there to be a God.
And aliens. I’d rather there be no planet X, though.

But Truman Burbank? I just know he’s real..



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