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Another mother heard 'voices' before she drowned her children in Pennsylvania

Six-year-old child left brain dead from Pennsylvania mom’s drowning attempt dies »
Just a horrible, rotten story..

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer said she was hearing voices before drowning her two children and that they’d be better off in heaven. So she killed them…

Their voices are forever gone now due to her crimes..
The second son that Laurel Michelle Schlemmer attempted to drown was confirmed dead Saturday.
It is just creepy to always hear the 'voices' defense be used immediately.. so many mothers seem to do this to their innocent children and then return with a defense that voices told them to do it to send their kids to heaven..
Two things that completely scare me to my bones: Death via water and mothers who kill their own children without sorrow.. couple them together and you have heartbreaking true crimes like this..



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