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Art Bell updated his Facebook page tonight to express that his message today was not an April Fools Joke and the 'clock is ticking' on his return..

He wrote, 
For the record, NO this is not a April fools joke. It will happen either as soon as my non compete is lifted or the moment it is expired. The clock is ticking....
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The Art Bell fanbase world is buzzing today after he posted a message on Facebook that in its entirety reads like this:
The Bell Family is well indeed! My new show will air from 9PM-1AM PT. If Sirius would free me from my non-compete it would have been 7-10 PT but while I understand both CC and Sirius did what they had to do, Karma is a Bitch. It will Stream for free and Podcasts will be available.
April Fools?
Maybe a 2015 program being planned?

The timing of the message being posted on April 1st has created a buzz on the popular website BELLGAB--it has created a stir.. Some users are hopeful .. others are worrying that Bell may be pulling some internet legs on A Fools Day..

Bell was known for his pranks when he hosted Coast to Coast AM.. but with how fans have dedicated money and time to Bell, a joke about returning may hit nerves..

Since Art Bell left SIRIUS radio with a contentious exit, webmaster Keith Rowland has entered a new phase: Hosting and updating a website for all paranormal talk radio streaming online at Dark Matter Radio Network.. There is no listing on the page for anything related to Bell.. Likewise, lacks information about this supposed return..

If it turns out to be a joke, hundreds of people liking and commenting on Bell's Facebook page may consider unfriending the radio legend.. As some on BELLGAB have pointed out already, a 'dangerous game' of emotions may be played if this turns out to be a ruse..

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  1. don't think so. either it's a joke or he is going to be back in 2015 .. Not today

  2. I want to believe


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