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The other day I wrote about Tommy Lynn Sells’ execution..

…and I was not too forgiving of the killer—I suspended by disagreement with the death penalty because of Sells’ crimes and didn’t introduce the notion to my mind to feel bad for him,

It brings up the bigger question: What should we do with people on death row or any criminal who has exhausted the forgiveness of society?
In America, we seem to become agitated any time we hear that prisoners get basic rights such as food, water, and books.. We get infuriated when we think about how they drain the tax dollars of money.. (of course we seldom care that pot offenders get hard time and that death row inmates often languish for years even though DNA evidence now may prove them innocent of the crimes).. 
How should a dignified nation treat its criminals? With dignity.. I am good with that.

Maybe except with Sells…



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