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Weekend warrior news

Early Saturday headlines making headlines from here, above, below, and beyond..

image by @kendallcolee
Some troubling news from California today.. At least seven are dead in a drive by shooting.. According to reports, a lone gunman was responsible for the shooting near the University of Santa Barbara..

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Scary: A mannequin wearing a suit and tie was seen hanging from a noose from the El Paso billboard
Some troubling news from Texas today.. A chilling message is being seen as mannequins  hanging from billboards.. People are seeing it as an obvious message from Mexican drug cartels to choose 'silver over lead'.. Border town residents are a little shaken by the message .. 

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Killer Rack May Be The Wrongest Horror Film In The History Of Wrongness
Is KILLER RACK the 'wrongest' horror film ever?  It is a film about, well, breasts. In this situation, scary breasts that develop and change into tentacles to kill.. Sounds like a cult classic in the making..

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Edgar Wright is leaving the ANT MAN movie..  Marvel announced in a statement that 'differences' caused the director to leave the production.

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A story of medical amazement: A 39-year-old woman in a coma successfully delivers baby..

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Moderate earthquake hits Israel/Jordan border..
Strong earthquake hits off the coast of Greece..
Ghostly apparition streaks across stadium.. 
Morgan Freeman's voice on helium.. 
X-MEN on track to be among top five Memorial Day openings..



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