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Obama's military options in Iraq..

UK TELEGRAPH reports that ISIS has 'seized Saddam's chemical weapons stockpile.. I assume we missed?? I am going to be researching that one a bit more before making a decision ..

Obama sending special forces as advisors..

FOX host Kelly goes after Dick Cheney in biting interview..
Megyn Kelly grills Dick Cheney: 'History has proven that you got it wrong in Iraq'...

A live split: North Carolina reporter jumps for joy on live news broadcast--and splits his pants..

Russian lawmaker proposes high heel ban..

The goof of 2014: High school principal congratulates wrong school in plagiarized graduation message..

Screech! SAVED BY THE BELL movie to air on LIFETIME this fall..

The world is a scary place! Fish eating spiders are EVERYWHERE!

75 in CDC staff exposed to anthrax..

They were scientists working at federal government labs in Atlanta..

People can now fulfill their own slasher fantasties at the San Fran Great Horror Campout.. It's an attraction where people can do anything from roasting marshmallows and singing innocent campfire songs to some more frightening escapades, such as interacting with scare actors on a "Hell Hunt"..

HArley Davidson announces electric motorcycle..

Harrison Ford's injuries on the set of STAR WARS a little worse than originally reported.. today we learn that the star broke his leg..

Great balls of fire!! A new trend in China is to set your body parts--especially your crotch--on fire..

As one reporter on Twitter tweets, the fire massive deserves nerves of steel..Or items of brass..



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