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A very interesting story is appearing in SLATE today..A former stormchaser now thinks the idea of chasing severe weather is unethical..

I will be upfront: I love watching live storm coverage, especially hurricane and tornado reports. But I equally think news forecasters who are paid by their employer to go into the storm is unethical. If one does it himself or herself, I think it's based more on a passion.. I always think back to when Vince McMahan made Owen Hart get hoisted over 100 feet above the wrestling ring, and then he fell to his death.It's a tough call..

Perhaps it could also be said that 'ghost hunting' is as unethical if not more so than storm chasers. If you believe in ghosts, that is..

Truth is scarier than fiction.. A Greek Satanist has been arrested over his sacrificial killing of a homeless woman.. Papageorgiou, the son of a retired actor suffering from heart troubles, was allegedly planning a second ritual murder to coincide with the summer solstice on 21 June..

Oil prices still high as tensions increase in Iraq..

Chilling ISIS recruitment video hits Britain: "Give up your nice cars, your job, your wife and come to jihad - feel our happiness"

Dutch study concludes that the United States used depleted uranium on Iraqi civilians in 2003..

Astronomers discover super massive black hole with unexpected behavior..

Pope Francis speaks out against legalized drugs, citing 'evil'..

No word on whether he will start using grape juice instead of wine in his chalice..

Great story from the BBC on the 'secret internet'.. There is a dark undercurrent online .. it's not all good.

Stephen Hawking sounds the alarm about articial intelligence and robots..

PANIC ensues as Facebook users silenced for one half hour..

How NASA's Asteroid Mission Will Head Off 'Armageddon'..

Too bumpy.. I am getting a bit tired of looking at entertainment news and being deluged in "MILA KUNIS BABY BUMP" headlines.. We get it.. she's pregnant. And yes, Ashton is going to be a dad.. And that said, Demi Moore is older now than she was when she had her baby and saved the world from ending in the SEVENTH is her ex who was dead in SIXTH SENSE but alive in real life, and saved the world from ending in ARMAGEDDON. So what have you done Ashton? You were DUMBER than dumb but discovered the BUTTERFLY EFFECT before you were one of the MEN..
And now you're preggers with MILA, or Meg. Depending on your taste.
Enough baby bump, 'media.' Enough..

Could this be a ghost of Alcatraz? That or Michael Myers. Or maybe even William Shatner (who's was the face of the SHAPE)..

There's a kind of hum, all over the world. Really.. And it's driving people batty.. Here's the story from MIC.COM, detailing the very real 'mysterious hum' that is driving people insane.. And something from very well-written article I never knew: There is a world hum database on Google..

To those who think they are crazy, you're not crazy after all..

This man's mugshot is heating up the internet and provoking a backlash..

His name is Jeremy Meeks, and he was arreted during a gang sweep in California..but the mugshot is being shared by women across the net who find him attractive..
An interesting debate on the HOT 93.5 Harrisburg radio Facebook page.. The station is asking women if they would date an attractive man WHO IS A FELON.. Most woman are fine with it.

Love lost.. Workers at a New York customer service provider were forced to pray, thank God for their jobs, and tell managers at work they loved them. If not, they were fired. The federal government sued them for it Wednesday..

That which surrounds us.. Amazing (and slightly frightening) images shows how WI-FI swirls around us.. We are surrounded.. there's no place to run..

Jurassic c-oo-OO-oo-oh.. Could the passenger pigeon be raised from the DEAD? Scientists spend millions to revive extinct bird using centuries-old DNA



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