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What will be 2014's shot heard around the world?

World tensions: North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine »

It’s amazing to see the amount of conflagration across the planet earth right now. in 1914, there was a ‘shot heard around the world’ as Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated.. that event was the historical blame for the trigger that began World War I—the ‘war to end all wars.’ The end never came.. but a second world war did.. 
Will the events of 2014, one hundred years on, lead to world war 3? Are we ripe for another strange occurrence to electrify the current charge of the planet? 
There seem to be so many battles right now, and so many needless deaths. Brutal, and disgusting kills.. sickening events as the devil incarnate advances throughout the continents of the planet.
But…what will be that ‘trigger’ that begins the next big conflict? The war to end all wars, 21st century style?



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