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Case of the mid-July Mondays

A severe case of the Mondays..
And a steady stream of news of the odd, scary, and bizarre;

New century, new war: Have we gone from a post-war world to a pre-war world?

How to write like a CIA spook: A manual exists for that..

Oklahoma happenings: Seven earthquakes in 14 hours--and now the state's number has surpassed that of the number of quakes in California so far in 2014..

My eyes aren't dry now: The story of a dog named Duke Roberts is taking the internet by storm..
The maker's name is Texas Photographer Robyn Arouty.. A quick check this morning to the direct source of the photos and story, and her account has been suspended.. Her Facebook page still exists, and makes no mention of the website outage , presumably because her server may not have been able to handle the traffic and her web company squashed the site for the time..

This is urgent: Illegal immigrant kids vanish from officials in US.. 46% of the children who came here are gone. What is their future? Child trafficking, sex slavery, and abuse? Slave labor? ... we have seen this story play out all too many times.

VIDEO: Meteor over Texas splitting in two..

Abnormal summer snowstorm hits the Ural Mountains in Russia..

The future of food: Nestle wants to personalize waht you eat..
But don't forget, NESTLE also said humans don't have a right to water...

Tell THIS to a vegetarian! New study says that plants can listen.. One example: The plants that heard the recording of chewing vibrations created an increased amount of mustard oil, a defense meant to deter an insect attacker.. MORE: Arabidopsis plant was studied.. and the clear answer from the study was that it was able to haer the sounds of caterpillar's marching.. Amazing.

ARCHIE to be killed off saving gay friend..
Will die a hero.. the end of the series will come with gun violence, as Archie stops the killing of his friend Keller.. Keller is openly gay and is a newly elected Senator pushing for gun control..

WHO warns that HIV is exploding among gay men..

This constant stream of stories of people leaving their children in hot cars is infuriating me.. It's disgusting, and I could care less what 'stress' you have.. these stories all appear to have a common thread: People are doing it on purpose. The newest example comes from Florida..Hamid Ahmad Nike Mohammad Ahmadzada left his 7-year-old in a car while he worked at a furniture store.

Rihanna flashes her leather bra to cheer Germany as they win the World Cup..

Christopher Walken is NBC's CAPTAIN HOOK..

HELLBOY 3 not happening..



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