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Daily dose of the weird and wild from around the world

A collection of news from the world today..

Delta flight to Israel diverted to Paris after reports of a rocket or debris near Tel Aviv. Plane departed from JFK. ..

The future is now: What happens when robots know us better than we know ourselves?

How JAPAN fell in love with American drones..

My what old meat you have.. The Illinois-based firm, privately held OSI Group Inc., that supplied the questionable meat products to McDonald’s Corp. and KFC restaurants owned by Yum! Brands Inc. (NYSE: YUM) has been suspended from supplying further products to the two fast-food giants.. Apprently it all started with China's DRAGON TV report ..The problems appear to be strictly in China. Unless you consider McDonalds meat itself the problem..And this: The scandal has now spread to Burger King and Starbucks..

Officials say that Flight 17 wreckage was hacked into with saws..

Now CELL PHONE walking lanes established in Washington!

Homelessness becoming a crime in many places in the United States..

Why are so many earthquakes hitting Vietnam The latest: Three quakes rocked the northern part of the country in one night..

6.9 quake strikes Fiji.. Hope Truman is alright..

Follow the money: Here are ten cities where wages are soaring..

Caleb Wilde writes a gutsy and hardcore article about how he does not like embalming children.. It's morbid and a tough read.. but so amazing to hear a funeral director speak so brutally honest about his profession..

Liberian nurses contract Ebola..

Florida residents on edge as massive sinkhole swallows entire street..

This is what would happen to the United States if Yellowstone blew: 2/3 of the United States devastated..

United States government reveals new map of rising risk for earthquakes in much of the United States..

Will Doctor Strange be a horror movie?

NETFLIX passes 50 million subscribers.. *Expect no price decreases any time soon..

First look at DIMENTIA starring Kristina Klebe Jones..

X-RAY (not x-rated) photos of pin-up models..

News on the specs and bonus featured for HALLOWEEN complete Blu-ray..

Nine television panels coming to COMIC-CON..



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