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Here's looking at you

tumblr_n8x4f6pV8B1qfjo2go1_500Best I can tell, this is from the 4chan Paranormal board.. tried to ascertain if this is actually an age old paranormal tale, but cannot find much of anything online concerning it.

While I don’t necessarily believe the typed story that accompanies the picture, I can say this: If you look at the woman in the photo long enough, she does start to move.. Back and forth and back and forth—not enough for me to get the chills and believe someone is behind me as the snippet of text proclaims, but it’s still creepy nonetheless. 

And I did initially look at it in the dark, which perhaps didn’t help.

While the image works well on a computer screen, it doesn’t translate well onto a phone screen. The bigger it is, the more it moves. 

Which does mean, perhaps, a large painting of the girl would indeed really, really creep someone out who is lonely and staring at the image..

If anyone knows where the source of this is from, besides where I think it’s from, send me a message..

And if you are one of those who experienced some of the worst that the text says you could, I offer my sincere apologies.. 

Wait.. stop.. LOOK BEHIND YOU!!



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