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HORROR REPORT POLL: What is death?

A recent article from Caleb Wilde's website has me thinking.. What exactly is death. Is it the beginning of the end? The end of the beginning? A simple road block on the passage way to the next realm?

This is one of the most important questions we can ask. And we are surrounded by it.. take a peak at the nightly news.. Chances are you'll see lifeless corpses resulting from war, storms, or just simple old age. Chances are you'll hear of fires and car wrecks on your nightly news.. chances are, you, reading this, are suffering the loss of a loved one right now. Maybe even the family pet passed away. And we are all left with the same question: What is death.

So I'd like to know.. from you, what do you think death is?

Click one of the answers below to weigh in...

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It's far to say that the canned answers I picked for this poll don't encompass all that death could be--science and religion may offer in different notions about what death is and when it even happens. But from my point of view, death is the beginning. Perhaps it's the beginning of a long process of decomposition of the corpse.. or maybe the traveling soul that leaves a physical presence to walk into the big electric universe.. but beyond that not very astute opinion, I frankly have no clue what death is.



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