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Some Saturday morning cartoons

News of the now.. here's what happening.

Libyan embassy crisis..

"12 hour truce" in Middle East.. The clock is ticking before death begins anew..

Brony boom: How 3D printing will be changing the toy industry. And everything else.. cars, homes.. and you wait and see: Limbs and body parts are next.. there is a time coming soon where we can print new livers and lungs.. What then? Medicine forever changes, along with everything else, because of technology. It will be an immensely amazing time, as it is now. But what we see now will be even more clear then: People without the means will be lost in the shuffle. If no one works, who will ever afford the amazing contraptions that progress will give us?

NIKKI FINKE unlaods on the çrapfest at Comic Con..

Now a SECOND giant hole has been found in Siberia.. Anyone getting a little freaked by all this?

Walmart prepping for New Madrid fault line quake? Don't forget, it wasn't long ago that the FEDs had the great American shake drill across the same region, and recently the USGS released findings that strong quakes could be coming along the New Madrid.. Something may be brewing..

A river of blood runs through this.. in China, where the waters turn red overnight..

IF summer is going to get this cold, I fear the winter.. Temps expected to fall at least 20 degrees from normal..

Topless tour inspiring travelers to undress and pose ..

Kevin Smith's mico-budget horror flick gets a trailer: TUSK looks weird..

The magic touch: Why do women unclog toilets better than men?



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