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Sunday morning coming down

A stroll down the Sunday morning sidewalk.. I smell no frying chicken.. not even any stale beer.. instead it's the sense of loneliness as times change .. Things that were staples of childhood are no more. Malls are closing. Hell, even Atlantic City is losing casinos..
Things that we had became lost along the way..

That's what's on my mind this Sunday.
On that sleeping city sidewalk.. with Sunday morning coming down.

On that note: Here's the cities in America with the most abandoned homes and here is what the future of American malls will look like.

And now the rest of the story

Israeli airstrikes hits homes of Gaza police chief as the death toll continues to rise..
Israel dropping leaflets telling Gazans to leave their homes..

Done deal: Trump Plaza has until September,then it will close.. unless a buyer is find.

Harry Devert was on a motorcycle trip when he disappeared in a troubled region in Mexico. Officials there located his motorcycle in a shallow grave, along with the decomposed remains of a man in two plastic bags..

Oklahoma shaking again: Multiple earthquakes now taking place in the central part of the state..

Huntington Lake in California bone dry..

Pope Francis wants world peace--DURING THE FINAL GAME OF THE WORLD CUP

Colorado man videotaping and live tweeting a storm gets struck by lightning..with video to prove it..

Some challenging food for thought.. try to no gag when you eat this:
NSA whistleblower says that the ultimate goal of the NSA is to control you..
NSA storing 80% of all phone audio--not just metadata..
TIME magazine details the Obama Orwellian state..

Border schmorder: Obama off to a 15-day vacation..

Some stunning super moon photos from Saturday night ..

Ebola now spreads to Sierra Leone capital..
Entire villages affected..

New study touts benefits of organic farming..

DAWN OF PLANET OF THE APES dominate the weekend box office..

Love that lasts ages: Two skeletons found in an embrace in an ancient grave in Russia..

"Living" NINJA TURTLES posters revealed..

Tracy Morgan out of the hospital; sues Walmart..

The 7 scariest moments a ghost hunter ever had..

Campers get scary night at Great Horror Campout in Cali..

Beautiful earth: Some amazing places on the planet that you never knew existed..



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