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THE FIFTH OF JULY.. Life goes on.. Saturday morning cartoons

THE DAY AFTER BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS.. THE DAY AFTER ANOTHER YEAR BEING OLDER. The national hangover.. America the brave is another year in age..
July 4th seemed a little blue this year, a little down. But maybe that's just me.
Not just me is the news of the moment, presented here for you in brief link form for your perusing pleasure:

This is an amazing study and important to showcase how much we are changing: People would rather hurt themselves than spend 15 minutes in a room with nothing to do.. that's what researchers at the University of Virginia and Harvard University concluded after studying 200 people and reactions to being alone.. We are at a point where meditation in the West is dying fast.. 15 minutes alone is not much time.. But we just can't do it.

Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain..

SIRIUS XM is making some big news for firing Anthony Cumia of the popular "OPIE AND ANTHONY" radio program. He posted a series of racially charged tweets .. He also responded no SIRIUS ..

We all know --or most of us I hope-- that oceans are filled with plastic debris. It's large wastelands of human consumption.. plastic bottles and everything else, like K-Cup pods and toothpaste holders. But the scary part, besides the destruction of beauty on the planet, is this: Plastic is getting into the food chain. Eventually you are always what you eat..

The fans turned on Kanye West in London.. West appeared on stage to perform and wore a full face mask. He reportedly went on a lengthy tirade.. the crowd booed.. Even more: The anarchy in the audience really started as people reportedly began leaving in droves..

In your face, people who wait til 21: Beebs seen partying on the Fourth of July on a private yacht..sipping beer.. showering himself with scantily clad girls.. he has reason to celebrate: The FAA cleared him of his marijuana smoke allegations..

This bizarre world.. Wedding bells for Van Der Sloot: Natalee Holloway murder suspect marries pregnant girlfriend in intimate prison ceremony..

Catholic Archbishop Paul Coakley, head of the archdiocese of Oklahoma City, condemned an upcoming BLACK MASS set for September 21 at the Civic Center Music Hall .. The Archbishop says the Oklahoma City plans is a "blasphemous mockery of the Mass"..

I hate zombie apocalypse jokes .. I equally loathe when the government uses that fake subject as a means to 'prepare' for things that may occur. Why can't they just treat Americans like adults and have us prepare for the REAL THING instead of some fictitious event that will not occur.. But enter this: Now there are Zombie Apocalypse ratings by state. Which state will and will not survive.. Read it and weep..

Federal government threatens to put journalist in prison for photographing illegal immigration shelter in Texas!

Here is an interactive map of where the government is relocating illegal immigrants en masse..

The story of the 2,100 year old Chinese mummy that still contained liquefied blood..

California chicken linked to salmonella recalled..

What happened to the sea lions on Pier 39? Colony of mammals inhabiting San Francisco dock mysteriously disappear overnight .. The colony arrived after the 1989 earthquake. In 2009 the numbers swelled to 1700.. It was one of San Fran's most famous tourist attractions, and now, with notice and with sudden mystery, but now they're gone.

Don't complaint about your food: This is the Colorado restaurant where all the waitresses carry guns..

FUKUSHIMA citizens says skin has been falling of since March 2011..

A beautiful but yet frightening and dangerous dust storms slams into Phoenix..
And here is a very interesting view of the Haboob..

Pope Francis gives his blessing to exorcists.. The Vatican has formally recognized the International Association of Exorcists, giving its blessing to a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who claim to save the possessed from Satan..

A first look at Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'..

Authors are uniting against AMAZON.. and they are being backed by Stephen King! This is the story: Stephen King, Nora Roberts and Donna Tartt are among the hundreds of authors who have added their names to an online letter criticizing for restricting access to works published by Hachette Book Group.. It's a story of very 'inside baseball' type of issues.. few understand it.. but big names are in the mix..

Robert Englund returns in THE LAST SHOWING.. US domestic release should be this autumn..

Now go about your weekend activities, parades, fireworks, and celebrations. America is having a long birthday weekend. Be safe and sound.. And watch for Uncle Sam..



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