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The night the lights went out on the Brooklyn bridge

This is quite a mystery. Somehow yesterday, around 3 o'clock in the morning, American flag were taken down from the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced by two white flags...

New York City police officials stated that security cameras show lights going out, and two white flags replacing American flag in 13 minutes of each other, suggesting that whoever did this had a team associated to perform the stunt..

The topic was spoken about to a national audience last night on the Clyde Lewis radio program.. Some are wondering if this is a political statement, a prank, or something more sinister..

ABC News this morning even suggested the specter of terrorist, hinting that officials are curious if this is some sort of hostile

Regardless of how it was done, the fact was done is somewhat amazing it would've had to of been a well thought out plan, deliberated perfection, as to avoid the site of authorities, passersby, and anyone else who stares at the Brooklyn bridge that hour of the morning...



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