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The Sunday morning sidewalk

A stroll down the sidewalk.. no sound of church bells. They are all closed. No frying chicken. Families don't eat Sunday dinner anymore. But there's news. and lots of it, for better or worse, presented for your HORROR REPORT approval from sea to boiling sea:

Weather alert: Heads up.. strong, severe storms, hail, and tornadoes set for large part of United States today..

Hamas announces a 24-hour truce with Israel.. the earlier ceasefire ended with Israel bombarding parts of Gaza..

There is irony here.. there is some bad news here.. Ebola has KILLED the senior doctor treating Ebola patients in Liberia.. He was the most high-profile doctor in the situation.. And now an American doctor is infected with the deadly disease..

Pope renews attack on Mafia..

I mentioned in my news bits yesterday that 3D printed body parts and organs were going to change medicine for the best.. Get this: Here is the story of the 6-year-old who received a prosthetic arm.. And now he can climb trees..

Fossil suggests that most dinosaurs sported feathers..

New study: Earth is on the verge of the 6th mass extinction..

New research finds that dogs do feel jealous .. I could have told you that.. each day when Ayden gets home from day care, it turns into a match to see who will get more attention, him or Mutley the Dog.

Thumbs away!! Megan Fox wants to personally hunt down and destroy Bigfoot..

Megan Fox says girl power was cut from NINJA TURTLES.. Could this be another post-movie release fight already setting up with Michael Bay??

WONDER WOMAN revealed at Comic Con.. Josh Brolin announced as Marvel Villian THANOS..

ANT MAN characters revealed..



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