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What are the chances ...

We often hear about people being hit by lightning twice..
We also heard last week about Kaylene Mann, the woman who lost her brother on Flight 370, also lost her stepdaughter and husband on flight 17..

Yin and yang.. there always seems to be a counter balance on this planet..

For every bit of tragedy that Mann's family is feeling, there's a chorus of voices thanking fate .. Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge planned on being on both flight 17 and 370.. He changed his plans each time.

Jonge was quoted as saying, "These things don't happen twice." but apparently they do. For him, a miraculous stroke of luck two times in one year.. For Mann, a tragic ending to two separate stories..

What are the chance... in a world of 7 million people, two were somehow chosen to be involved directly in two plane crashes in one year.

It's like some twisted version of FINAL DESTINATION. Sadly it's too real for Mann.. luckily it's reality for Jonge..



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