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When a government says a UFO is a UFO

An amazing event occurred today.. a UFO sighting took place in Chile.. it was spotted my mine workers and was flying low for over an hour.

The Chilean government released the photos saying the object was not one of their craft.. as a matter of fact, they themselves say it's a true blue UFO.. Real thing. Whether it's being driven by aliens or not is besides the point.. the point is that the government of Chile released this images with the note that it is  a UFO..

Digging a bit deeper logically on this: Chile is saying that the object is no known craft .. And as said previously, that statement in itself should in no way propel one to conclude that the craft is being driven by grays above mine workers in the nation. The UFO could always be a drone, a secret spy plane..

Hell, even NASA is creating a flying saucer as a future craft for a Martian expedition..

But again--and most important--the images of this UFO did not come from fabricated sources online or YouTube videos.. it's from the government of Chile. 

That should mean something. Right?



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