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This is how African newspapers are covering EBOLA.. 

NOTE.. The ‘burn all bodies’ headline in the lower left.. I think this sufficiently answers my question from last night is in which I asked what will be done with bodies that have suffered death at the hands of the outbreak: Burning.

Meanwhile: Africa has sealed off the Ebola epicenter. A little interesting that, after all the deaths, they are finally doing this..

The AFP reports this:

Opening the summit, WHO chief Margaret Chan told leaders that the response of the three countries to the epidemic had been “woefully inadequate”, revealing that the outbreak was “moving faster than our efforts to control it”.

"If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socio-economic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries," Chan said.

She described the outbreak as “by far the largest ever in the nearly four-decade history of this disease”.

"It is taking place in areas with fluid population movements over porous borders, and it has demonstrated its ability to spread via air travel, contrary to what has been seen in past outbreaks," she told the summit.

"Cases are occurring in rural areas which are difficult to access, but also in densely populated capital cities. This meeting must mark a turning point in the outbreak response."

The meeting came after Dubai’s Emirates became the first global airline to announce it was suspending flights to the stricken area, while the United States, Germany, France and Italy have issued warnings against travel to the three African countries.

US President Barack Obama announced on Friday that the United States will screen delegates travelling from Ebola-hit countries to Washington for a three-day Africa summit next week.

The summit must go on.
Captain Trips does not exist.

Willing to test the shot?

The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday.

The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.

So .. I’m curious to those reading.. would you such an experimental vaccine? …would a bigger crisis, and outbreak, make you more likely to take it?



It’s time. Ebola heads to America on a plane.. Arrival time: Saturday. CNN notes:
Ebola isn’t “some mystical pathogen (with) some bizarre mode of transmission,” the doctor noted, adding that it is transmitted similarly to illnesses like SARS or HIV. But while the Emory staff members are confident, that doesn’t mean they have experience dealing with Ebola, which the World Health Organization reports has infected more than 1,300 people and killed over 700 in recent weeks in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. In fact, no U.S. medical facility has had a known patient with the virus.

It’s all new … Here.


Ebola patients 'refusing isolation' »

This is one major reason this outbreak is so bad..
From all sources I have read: Those with the disease, or some who may get it, are either paranoid about their government’s actions or fearful of isolation, that the disease just continues to rapidly spread and countries unravel out of control..

CONGO’s President said that the disease is bigger than everyone..

And perhaps the best description is this: Fighting Ebola is like trying to change a tire in a hurricane..



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