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Fat bottomed Slenders make the horror world go round

Is this the BEST ABC news could do?

In a recent story posted on the ABC NEWS website about the two girls who used Slenderman as an excuse in the stabbing and near-murder of their friend, they opted to use this photo, pictured with this post, of ‘one of the many internet depictions of the fictional character Slender Man.’ 

The choice of this image is bizarre to me.. First off, while it may an internet depiction, it actually ends up looking much more like a Monty Python skit than a Slender Man example? I have seen a tremendous abundance of Slender Man images all over since this tragic case took place, but this is the first time I have seen the giant big-bellied version of Slender Man..I even Google searched images for “Slender Man costumes” and I found no evidence of this ABC news ‘internet depiction’ ..  this really is more like the Big Boned Slender Man.. or even The Fat Bottomed Slender Man.. Perhaps Slender had a few too many buffet trips..

While the image has next to nothing to do with the story, nor the fact that one of the accused girls talks to unicorns and Voldemort,, I just found its use to be peculiar..

Fat Bottom Slenders make the rockin’ world go round.



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