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Saturday night’s many main events

A few more news curating duties before turning off the ill-colored monitor.. the light from which has been making my eyes go dizzy over the past week. Not because of the aura of blue it emits, but instead because of the FTPed and HTMLed information that has been given to me on it.. news of the weird and wild, hurtful and harmful.. Ebola on a jet plane and an ambulance ride that the world watched. Obama vs Congress vs the Immigrants. Part 4. Justin Bieber. Ninja Turtles.. Crudeness, rudeness. Overt blasts to the past.. my mind is numb.

But not numb enough to ignore a few more tidbits of information this late Saturday night…

A CNN ‘ireport' shows us the moment when the now world famous Ebola patient walked into Emory University Hospital. The woman was there seeing her father. She heard about the Ebolaman .. she got the Ebola: She left her father to film history.. Not sure if that’s something I’d do. But she did..

There has been fear and loathing in Las Vegas. And also lots of fear over Ebola in Atlanta.. but here’s some facts: This is how you get Ebola, what happens when you have it, and why you die a short time after being infected. If the article was meant to quell fears, it did not of that for me.. instead it just increased my paranoia about Ebola being willingly being brought onto the shores ..

Top WHO officials say that Ebola is outstripping control efforts.. IN Africa. But in the United States, the United Nations tells us still, risk remains low of a Captain Tripps the STAND end of the world scenario. But that’s what they said in the movie too, then the Army blasted their way in to Rae Flowers’ radio show. And the rest was television and novel history.

Those in Toledo Ohio tonight have been shocked into a world without water.. warnings have been sounded: Don’t drink, and don’t even BOIL the liquid.. Apparently 600,000 people on the west end of the never clean Lake Erie have been told to avoid the basic ingredient to a good day: H20.  Water at a Toledo treatment plant tested positive for microcystin, a toxin known to cause liver and kidney damage.. Governor Kasich declared a state of emergency.. Residents are now forced to wait. Bottled water is going fast..

@Time magazine this week featured a cover story about ‘manopause’ and the male race to increase their manhood.. but we are not told tonight in reports that, quite a long time ago,that a decrease in male testosterone led the world to beautiful art and amazing civilized humans.  I knew the Bronies were on to something good…

Some interesting news from the GHOSTBUSTERS 3 universe.. apparently, VARIETY reports, the movie may feature an all-female cast.. Apparently Sony and Paul Feig are conversing over the possibilities.. Maybe even as we speak. It may be a good idea, too.. movies are trending more towards the feminine hero side.. THOR will be a woman, LUCY was the show last week.. and now a team of all women hunting SLIMER may be next..

Now that Bill Murray may be free of GHOSTBUSTERS, minus the predictable cameo we all hope for, he will be busy doing the voice of BALOO in the JUNGLE BOOK.

Here’s some raunchy stuff, since it’s a Saturday night. Forgive me the indulgence if you read it Sunday: Transgender to have a penis made from tattooed skin on his arm. Chances are, if you’re German in Germany, and a male, you have had penis enlargement surgery.. An anatomically correct doll has parents freaking out. And a mastiff dog bit off a man’s penis while he was in conversation.  Surely the painful subject of which will be the topic of conversation for many conversations to come.

Meanwhile read the first chapter in a book I have been cooking for some time.. the story of life, new life.. old life. Life. 

That’s the story until the morning’s glory.
So if you’re out and about, have a drink on me. I used to go out, but that’s so pre-internet. Right?

Enjoy the music.. play a song and dance. You are the show.

I wish I was enjoying the show like some of my friends tonight in Philly.. Next time, Billy Joel.. next time.

And I’m glad you enjoyed the movie thepete

Evenin’ all.



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