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So you say you want to shell out cash to Rob Zombie to make a clown torture porn? Here's your chance

If you want to see killer clowns do some horrid and awful things in a movie, give Rob Zombie some money.

He wants it.. Whether he needs it is another question, and whether he should make such a film is a question I don’t even bother to ask when it comes to him..

We know this, though: Rob Zombie is getting into the crowdfunding game, and is asking fans for cash if they like a ‘fast-paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough.’ He says..

He has launched RZ-31 on the site CNET reports some trinkets you can get for giving Zombie your money to make a torture porn movie:
In addition to offering the typical movie swag like key chains and stickers (which you can get for a $15 contribution), Zombie is upping the rewards game by giving away crew t-shirts ($50), the opportunity to have your name included in the credits ($750), and a chance to be an extra on the set ($5000). If you really have a thing for clowns and murder, you can shell out $10,000 for an executive producer credit.

For $1500 you can get a hold of one of the original crosses from Zombie’s flick “House of 1000 Corpses” or wait for it…a $2000 donation will bring you one of the original Michael Meyers’ masks from “Halloween,” of which, according Zombie, there are only 50 in existence. Fans have 59 days left to contribute to the film if they’re interested.

59 days left.. the clock is ticking.

31 is going to be a ‘kill or be killed’ type movie with no boundaries.. Zombie says a the clowns within will be a group of ‘vile, filthy, blood-thirsty clowns known as The Heads. They come in all shapes and sizes and each grows nastier than the last.’

Sounds fun.
If you like that sort of stuff, perhaps.

So .. have any cash you can send him? Key chains await as a reward..



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