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Weird Wednesday: News of the world

Here are the headlines of reality and fiction.. blended together, as they so often are.. You be the judge on what's real and what's now.. As Truman Burbank asked: Is anything real? He was..
But really he was fiction.


EBOLA SUMMER: A few days ago, we were told of a person being tested for Ebola at Mount Sinai in New York.. the results of which are not known..But it turns out that that 1 sole patient number may be a bit skewed.. it is now 6--I suspect maybe more--being tested.. And it's also not just the Big Apple.. Ebola tests are being conducted across the nation, and it would appear that at this point the government is attempting its best to surpress information on where the tests are being conducted.. Numbers are being concealed.. Press reports from Ohio indicate that the suspected patient in that state is negative for the virus.. Meanwhile in the hotspot of the outbreak: Sierra Leona is being ravaged by the disease, troops are being deployed, and doctors are describing a scene of chaos and horror.. One doctor, as quoted in the UK DAILY MAIL, described a frightening appearance of Ebola patients prior to death, saying that patients typically look healthy up until a bit before they succumb .. A possible carrier is also being watched in Wales..

A few questions still revolve around why the two Americans with Ebola got the secret serum.. And while the world is clamoring for a vaccine, some are beginning to question if people should line up in droves to get the yet undone antecdote: Red flags are being raised over the use of experimental Ebola drugs..

Fear and loathing with Ebola: The internet world is abuzz with reports information over Ebola: 90% death rate, vs the more realsitic 60% rate with this outbreak is one item that is constantly being misreported.. And even more:
Lola Okolosie writes in the UK GUARDIAN today that "Ebola has infected public discourse with a new xenophobia".. It's a summer of fear..

Oh, back to that 'secret' serum thing? Maybe we gave the two Ebola patients the antecdote, and then brought them to the CDC for observation to see how effective it is. It is somewhat common sense and really not conspiracy conjecture.. we would probably desire to know if our 'secret' cocktail worked..

And this: VOX reports that the Ebola patients in America are the subjects of a science experiment..

x x x

A new generation of scientists has apparently been entering to the mainstream.. now their warnings of impending global doom are accompanied by swear words best used by Megan Fox describing her hatred for haters. Professor Jason Box of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland tweeted “If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we're fucked.”


Living through weather history.. never fun. Hawaii is bracing for Iselle. And then Julio follows.. that's right: A double trouble bubble in the Pacific is forming, and two tropical storms are aiming for Hawaii, one after the other.. While some are nervous and preparing, others are undoubtedly preparing surf boards for waves..

Scientists think that California's drought may increase chances for earthquakes..

United Nations warns that the US may have to migrate people out of California area..

First Ohio, now British Columbia: Hundreds of people in British Columbia can’t use their water after more than a billion gallons of mining waste spilled into rivers and creeks in the province’s Cariboo region..

The kids continue to not be alright: Now enter the 'choking game'..

Mo Rocca enlisted to help make propaganda for Monsanto..

Justin Bieber's song BABY saves man from bear attack? See, even bears hate Justin Bieber..

Another example that the internet is changing everything.. the Los Angeles porn industry is being hit by bad economic times.. it's fleeing LA.. the number for permits has plummeted 90% in the city when compared to 2 years ago. Only 20 porn permits issued in '14.. but websites are still hopping with the free stuff posted by users and regular people across the world, those desperate for attention and the desire to be the next online porn star..

The book of Revelation becomes a horror movie in THE REMAINING..

Horror movie SEPTIC MAN gets attention..

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE star Marlyn Burns dead..
Scream queen gone at 65..
From Erie, PA..

This is quite possibly the best wedding photo ever taken: Adam Biesenthal, the photographer who snapped the picture, told The Huffington Post that Jeff Goldblum and his fiancee attended the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent this past weekend in Toronto...The couple wanted a T.Rex Photoshopped into one of their pictures..



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