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The business world is full of psychopaths, grad student discovers »

Student outs psychopaths by showing how they are capable of manipulating tests to appear normal.

The main news to know:
By combining results from a number of distinct psychological evaluations, undergraduate Carolyn Bate has shown that psychopaths with high IQs are capable of masking their symptoms by manipulating tests designed to reveal their personalities. Since high-IQ psychopaths are suspected to disproportionately seek out high-level business positions, this could mean that there are even more psychopaths in top managerial positions than previous tests have shown.

Are you shocked?
I am not.

Perhaps even more troubling was that, in this study, it would appear that psychopaths are very capable of faking emotional empathy. The truest form of a person with a deranged sense of psychopathy..

So ..think you know of any?



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