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From the desk of the Final Pope

The Pope says we are in a Third World War »

Apparently this happened back in August, right around the time when the Pope was reportedly told that ISIS was issuing him direct threats…

Interesting commentary from Petrus Romanos

Meanwhile, some other strange news has hit the Church: This time in the horrible atrocity of the murder of nuns.

3 Italian nuns found slain in Burundi convent »

While this is pure speculation and conjecture on my part, I wonder of this some type of retribution from extremists in retaliation to the Pope’s very early aggressive stance on ISIS and his calls for war.. Notice those words have been toned down in recent weeks—after news was reported in Italian services of potential threats on Pope Francis’ life..

Another creepy aspect of this crime: The first thing it reminded me of was the movie the SEVENTH SIGN. It feels like lots of seals have been broken and hopefully this isn’t the last. Waiting for locusts. We already have plagues and war..

Life sure is getting troubling to live.



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