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We have all been startled away at 3am.. the witching hour, as it’s called, in whatever time zone you inhabit..

The world so often seems sketchy at that moment, a fuzzy haze develops in your vision as you struggle to figure out, within a split second, where you are and who you are.. Did you ever wake up and have to tell yourself that your alter ego who existed in your dream, or nightmare, wasn’t real?

These days those early morning battles with identity are often made easier by the cell phone resting near our heads–perhaps too close if you subscribe to the premise that radiation is slowly or even quickly killing us. But when we see the phone, and check our Facebook, and view the Twitter feed, we either get stuck in a limbo between sleep at the alarm clock.. or fall fast back into the nightmare and dreamscape that we left.

But what of those news feeds.. those headlines.. those late night snacks of alerts in email? They play a role in what we dream of.. The nightly news does too. The morning headlines begin our day, often with fear and intrigue on the planet earth.

A few promises from us: You will get many sides of stories.. you will get real news, hard hitting information.. entertainment. And you’ll also get themes–the news follows themes so often..

But beware, buyer. With all information comes a tactical ending. And with every headline comes a potential night terror, quietly haunting your subconscious as you struggle to pull those warm covers over your eyes.



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