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Scary days and Mondays always get me down

Night terrors and bad dreams: The devil can come to you in a business suit .. when you least expect it.

A fireball streaked across the skies of the Northeast on Sunday evening.. There are various reports from around the Tri-State area of that.. I didn't see Sunday's, but I did see one on Friday night. And I also am aware of some very weird balls of light over the coordinates of 40.7836° N, 76.2336° W..

The skies are ablaze. The pink stars are always falling..

From the great state of Kentucky: Paranormal Investigators Confirm Poltergeist Possession of Microwave..
It always starts with random beeping. And before you know it, the time is 6:66.

Strange object filmed in the clouds over Budapest..

I have been critical of the film ABCs OF DEATH because of the horrific and perverse nature of the stories.. But in real life, things aren't much cleaner, as evidenced by this story of Zheng Gang..

Dangers of the hand job: Trainee doctor ‘dies of heart attack’ while masturbating at sperm bank..
Sigh.. amateurs..

Another reason politics should be avoided: Fake images.. The latest comes as Hillary Clinton poses to look like she's cooking a steak that is already cooked..

Kids these days.. now they are signing support statements for ISIS in college..?

Blur.. Blurry.. Blurred.
Robin Thicke admits abusing drugs while recording BLURRED LINES..

The real night terror is ...reality.

This is a must read article by Roger Cohen in the New York TIMES: The Great Unraveling..

The Ebola nightmare continues to unfold.. Now experts are saying that the life of its own disease has a range of about 12 to 18 more months before a reprieve.. I fear that if the steam roller of horror continues, that 18 month figure may be very understated..Here is how Ebola went from an outbreak to a crisis for the world..

CDC says to prepare for an outbreak..

The State Department orders 160,000 EBOLA hazmat suits..

Urban Outfitters says sorry for blood-stained-appearing sweatshirt with the words "KENT STATE".. This is a company that makes money by getting attention like this.. But I feel it may have outdone itself this time..

Border insecurity. Imagine if a 9/11 terror message was found draped across the border of the United States and Mexico. Would you reveal that, or hide it? Here's what the government did .. The fact you didn't hear about it perhaps clues you in on their actions.

For every 100,000 patients prescribed buprenorphine, 200 young children were hospitalized for taking it, the study found. That rate is more than four times higher than the statistic for next most commonly implicated drug, a blood pressure medicine.. Almost 800 children were hospitalized for swallowing the drug..

Queen Elizabeth says Scotland should very carefully before it leaves her reign.. Sounds like a threat to me..

Landing site on a comet chosen! Here comes Earth, Rosetta!

Danielle Watts chained..
Actress cuffed for not showing ID..

Perils of the rich and famous: Hurricane Odile Slams Mexico's Cabo San Lucas Celebrity Resort.. The storm is going to hit Monday. It has 125 mph winds.. Mexican authorities evacuated coastal areas and readied shelters for up to 30,000 people..
I sadly think the only reason American media is even covering this is because it's hitting the vacation homes of the elite.. Call me a cynic, but if poor people in a country with lots of consonants was being slammed, it would not be top news status..



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