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UPDATE 4:00AM 9/12/14:

Clyde Lewis experienced sudden chest pains during his show tonight and left the air early. He was taken to the ER and will be admitted tonight for observation. He thanks you for your continued outpouring of support and prayers.

Original HORROR REPORT report 9/11/14 11:58 PM:

Tonight, the health of radio host CLYDE LEWIS is taking another critical potential turn.

During his live broadcast, his program suddenly switched to a pre-recorded show. Immediately, concerns began pouring onto his Facebook page asking, sometimes jokingly, if the government shut him down.

Instead, his health did.

Tesla Wolf Media, the source that gives a broadcast version of his radio show, is publicly praying for Clyde Lewis tonight. Apparently, as his show progressed, something happened forcing Lewis to be rushed back to the hospital again.

Lewis was speaking about conspiracy theories that last night’s Presidential address was actually a hologram of  Obama. He was also speaking in detail about the strange “devil horns” photo of the President when Lewis appeared to suddenly stop listening to a caller and cut her off. He immediately went to break and did not come back, instead a repeat broadcast from some time ago begin filtering through the airwaves ..

At this point, messages began appearing online that he was rushed back to the hospital for what is yet an undisclosed reason.  Tesla announced,
Clyde Lewis is on his way to the hospital right now, and the stream is no longer live for anyone watching it. Our best wishes and prayers go with him

This may not be good news for a man who has beaten the odds and lived to tell his tale about five pulmonary embolisms. We are all hoping and praying that his newest medical ailment is minor.  There is already an outpouring of sentiment being expressed on his Facebook page. We add in that thought and are hoping that whatever is occurring is not anything severe or life impairing..


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