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The Satanists sell out!

It's been a busy time for Satanists in Oklahoma.. though things almost fell apart when they stole Communion hosts, once they returned the Body of Christ back to the Catholic Church things were a 'go' for them.. The greenlighting of the black mass occurred and the nation shuddered in fear.. Is this only going to be a furtherance of the dreaded 'gates of hell' opening on our planet?

Time will tell, I suppose.
But what we know is this: Their plans for a black mass have been a sell out. (Of course 88 tickets in this case was the number needed to reach their goal, something even PBS telethons would laugh at) ..

The Satanic black mass is going to feature an 'exorcism' .. The 'black mass' notion is an inversion of the Catholic traditional Latin Mass from the Roman Catholic Church.

The black mass that is upcoming for September 21 in Oklahoma has been condemned and protested.. But under the protections of the Constitution, the government cannot forbid or be involved with the practice of any religion. The mass is a go ..



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