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Some quick hits for your Thursday morning reading displeasure..

News from coast to coast, around the world, and back again.

Here’s an interesting story from the world of technology.. Why does every website you visit look exactly the same as the last one? What this article does not point out is the popularity of the same exact theme on many Wordpress or the like type sites.. Users pick the default for blogs. For big name sites, they are all taking the minimalist less is more approach. Mobile is the new friendly..

I remember back when the only people who talked about pole shifts were kooks were on the Art Bell radio show. Now it’s real science that is saying there is about to be a magnetic shift on the planet earth.. It happens every 780,000 or so years. So the newest reversal could be in 2000 years..

People who don’t believe in the paranormal are those who just didn’t have it happen to them yet. Andrew Evans from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC writes about his meeting a ghost in Louisiana..

Wells are running dry in a California town..

REPORT: Air strike in Syria kills six children and zero ISIS members..

The new norm: Low wage jobs, high levels of college debt, and working through retirement until the day you die a tired death. Welcome to the new world ..

Can Ebola survivors safely care for the sick?
United States hospitals are not prepared for Ebola waste..

Sorry to that person who wrote me hating me for posting vaccine stories.. here comes two more for your displeasure:
Meet two more MMR whisteblowers, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski.. They’re two former Merck virologists who filed a qui tam suit against Merck, the manufacturer of the very same MMR vaccine in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.. On September 5, the Judge gave the green light for the lawsuit to move forward.
And this: You know that really bad ailment, EV-D68? Apparently VACCINATED children are more vulernable than those not..


Here’s one from the left field of conspiracy theory: Some claim that Pope Francis is guilty of child abuse and murder, saying he belonged to the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult…read on.

Some North American monsters who need their own horror movie..



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