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Twas the day before 9/11

Obama prepared to order airstrikes in Syria as part of strategy against Islamic State »

Foreign-policy experts he consulted with say he believes he doesn’t need Congress’s approval.

It was discussed tonight over dinner, the WASHINGTON POST reports..

It reminds me of being in my early 20s again.. the debate on the TEE VEE sets around the nation: Does George W. Bush have to get Congressional approval to go to war… Democrats said yes. Republicans said no.

Fast forward.. another enemy, or the same.. but another war coming, it would seem.. and this president now believes that he does not have to get any official Congressional approval to act against ISIS. Or Syria. Or someone, somewhere.. or everyone, everywhere..?

This from the POST:
Administration officials have been working in recent days to enlist the support of the nation’s political establishment to help sell their strategy to the American public, which Obama will address in a prime-time speech Wednesday night. The president met with the top four congressional leaders Tuesday, while his aides held briefings on Capitol Hill.

And there are a few more things at play..besides an approaching war.. First, there are Congressional elections this year. Second, there are high emotions the night before the anniversary of 9/11.. third, how would the world react.. And how imminent is it?

The POST has something on that:
There is no indication that a U.S. strike in Syria is imminent, and the Obama administration has signaled that a stepped-up U.S. effort in Iraq, in conjunction with an international and regional partnership, is probably the first step in combating the Islamic State’s advances.

I still recall when the President went to the airwaves to announce that America needs to strike Assad in Syria—and arm the rebels.

The tables surely have turned.

The real question I ask is this: Does America really want to hear about a new potential battle the night before they honor the souls who perished 13 years ago?


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