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Weird lights.. skies ablaze

I am attempting to get video of a potential UFO sighting very close to my home tonight.. I can report to you that someone--a person filled with logic and actually skeptical that what he saw was a UFO--took video of several lights in the sky over Frackville, PA, coordinates 40.7836° N, 76.2336° W

I have seen the footage. It appears that soundless objects, bright in appearance, are circulating in the sky above the town around 1040pm EDT Saturday. Even more, there seems to be several lights, if not more than a dozen..

Once I am able to get the actual footage, I will post without alteration .. I am attempting to also get permission to replicate it online once I have it..

But ... I wonder if it's just a little bit of Northern Lights... hot air balloons.. Chinese lanterns.. or unexplained craft..

More coming..



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