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Aliens are not dead

Which Religions Would Have The Hardest Time Accepting Alien Life? »

The conclusion: Evangelical Christians. I tend to agree.. knowing a few, the premise of alien life really disturbs them to their core.

It makes them nervous to think that Jesus may have more planets to tend to along with Earth, and that the Garden of Eden may have to be reproduced on other worlds.

Do other planets have a Bible?
Will the rapture happen there?
Isn’t the world flat!?

All of those things.

The CATHOLIC CHURCH will race to baptize the first alien they see. The Vatican has practically said that..

But the evangelicals would call the aliens demons.

I have often equated many stories from the Bible itself with aliens.. A virgin birth? Alien implant.. Rising from the dead? beamed up… Noah’s ark? A spaceship leaving Mars before the flood..
Actually that has more logic to me that some portions of the Bible.

Nonetheless… Life is life. And if you’re really a firm believer and confident in your God, you won’t be rocked by a space ship landing on the planet earth.

Now alien butt implants? That’s demonic..




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