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Another day. Another dollar. A dollar short..
Welcome to your Monday..

I woke up early to peruse headlines in an attempt to find the best and the worst of the world.. Here are the findings, in nutshells and links. Read them and weep..

The family of the patient in Dallas infected with Ebola said that they are being ostracized by the Liberian community.Read more on that here.. They are coping with isolation.. But the part of the entire Ebola story that confuses me: The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was fighting for his life at a Dallas hospital on Sunday and appeared not to be receiving any of the experimental medicines for the virus, the director of the U.S... They say the drug is 'all gone.' They say that it will not be coming.. So this patient fights for his life..
I wonder if the NBC news photographer will get the same no drug treatment..?

Speaking of the NBC freelancer: Ashoka Mukpo -- who contracted it while covering the outbreak's carnage -- was on his way for treatment in isolation at Nebraska Medical Center..

And here is some information for your conspiratorial brain to ponder: There are rumors online, which I will not link at this time, that Thomas A. Duncan has been dead for days.. The rumor goes: they cannot figure out what to do with his body at this time and are awaiting specialists to arrive to take it, for fear that a "CONTAGION" may happen.. Discern this information appropriately..

When reporters are caught on open MICs: CBS's White House correspondent Major Garrett is caught saying "we're screwed" on live MIC after an Ebola briefing on Ocotber 3.. I think it was funny.. Gallow's humor--and hell, journalists are people, too.. let's be real, we are all slightly concerned that "we're screwed" in some shape or form..

While Ebola decides it if wants to wipe out the world's population, there are other diseases to worry about in the short term.. Namely: This scary bug that is infecting children across the United States--and it has been for about a year, I even recall Alex Jones talking about deaths in his family as a result of this respiratory bug at the end of 2013 on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.. The AP has a report on the wave of sickness--and death.. There's some important facts in there concerning the background on the 1962-born sickness and the children it primarily infects. Parents should be aware of this.. I know, as a parent, I am. I am also slightly worried about mutation.. I have been told countless times that this bug is not going to mutate, but folks:B Bugs do what they want.. We certainly don't have much luck at even stopping the common cold, let alone this rare disease that it now killing some and making others get polio--though they don't want to call it that.. Namely because the children were perfectly vaccinated against polio.. Be aware of this one, it actually worries me more than Ebola. At this point.

Obama sending 4000 troops to Ebola ravaged regions in Africa..

Someone does say, though, that Ebola scares him: The man who discovered it. Peter Piot found it in 1976. Now he says "I fear an unimaginable tragedy"..

First of all, I say this: I really don't believe the story that these goats have a human head. I am not seeing the likeness to a person. But the allegation is a farmer had sex with his goat, and this is the offspring it produced.. Again: Discern yourself..

25-year-old woman who was in the 'female brigade' of ISIS tells of why she left the group: She became disillusioned by the group's brutality...

A powerful typhoon that washed four American airmen in Okinawa out to sea slammed central Japan on Monday, forcing the cancelation of more than 600 flights. Phanfone had earlier been downgraded from a super-typhoon to a Category One shadow of its former self but Japan's 18th typhoon of the season still packed a punch..

Kurds: US air strikes are not working..

Jumpin' Joe said too much! On Sunday Vice President Joe Biden called Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, and apologized for telling the truth.. In a speech, he admitted U.S., Israel, Britain, Gulf Emirates, Jordan and Turkey responsible for ISIS.. And afterwards, hellfire hit the fan in D.C. ..

While now we are told that Biden is sorry for suggesting that our allies aided ISIS, I was briefly happy that someone finally told the truth. Surely, now he is silenced, but let's step back and recall some history: Biden is right. Very right. He actually did not go far enough. In this instance, as he so famously does, he went off script and started speaking from his heart. If only he'd keep saying the truth, it may be enough to win an election. Nah... instead, he needs to grovel back to our allies to say sorry for speaking a little bit of reality in a foreign policy world of fiction.

American aid worker in ISIS video scared to die..

Try to comprehend this one without morning coffee: A newly discovered particle is both matter and antimatter at the same time. Italian physicist Ettore Majorana predicted in 1937 that a particle could have its own equivalent of antimatter.. the new Majorana particle proves that assertion. IN theory.

You say potato. I say oh my God. Medical staff in the central Colombian town of Honda have discovered a potato growing inside a patient's vagina, in an ill-fated attempt to prevent unwanted pregnancy...

Freedom: Four people being prosecuted for photographing factory pig farm..

This is Sharon Piper.. and she sees dead people. Actually she saw black-eyed ghosts' in a bar she works at in the UK.. Her story is certainly chilling, especially for this time of year.. She said that black-eyed men actualyl walked into the bar she worked at and asked for a drink.. other patrons saw them too, and the room went cold and was speechless. Piper concluded her story, which you could read in full here, saying, "But in the end they just disappeared with the drinks - I have no idea where they went.".. While the story sounds well and good, the comments section on the story are more interesting.. Namely this one: "Having personally lived in the pub for nearly 20 years , I can honestly say I have never seen this lady nor did she work for us. The pub was running until 18 months ago when we left for pastures new . none of my family ever saw a ghost !!!!. the pub was not burnt down there was a small fire in an outdoor shed ! how old is this ladies story ?" Again, with anything presented here today, discern appropriately.

It's all about the sales job.. Meet the man who is making millions of dollars selling art that does not exist: Invisible art.

Nick Hogan nude pics released in celeb hack scandal..

Meet a dog named Lazarus. HE was not brought back from the dead, instead he is the dog who wouldn't die.

Hollywood finally wins one: A strong box office for both GONE GIRL and ANNABELLE..
Affleck narrowly beats horror flick in October showdown..

Why Wednesday's lunar eclipse is special: The refraction of light as it passes through the atmosphere during Wednesday morning's eclipse will create a 'selenelion,' allowing viewers to see the sun rise in the east as the eclipsed moon sets in the west. ..
The moon will turn blood red...

Want to dance with some darkness, Trevor?? Call of a lifetime for lucky quarterback? Katy Perry wants Oklahoma Sooners star Trevor Knight, 21, to call her.
Wonder what Trevor's girlfriend thinks of that offer?

Was a joke roast of Joan Rivers done too soon on SNL? The part I noticed is how often Sarah Silverman flubbed her lines during the skit.. Perhaps even she was nervous that the jokes were being offered up to audiences much too soon after the comedy queen's death.. though when I saw it, the first thing I thought: Joan Rivers would have loved this.. But maybe Steve Jobs' would not have.

More 2014 Halloween costumes: Sexy 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Game of Thrones' and 'Frozen'..

AMERICAN HORROR STORY and the real freakshow..

Finally at this moment, a little perspective: It's not the things that fear which can kill us, it's the fear of them.. Here is a good article from FARM WARS on our fear porn society..
So don't be afraid of the things you can't see..but be watchful of all of those that are in plain sight.
Good luck today.. As always, stay tuned for more udpates. The world increasingly is a scary place.



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