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Fanning the flames of oddity: The news of the world on an early Thursday morning in October

It was the best of times..
The worst of times..
The rest of the time,
The world's sublime.

Here is a sample of a sampling of news from the world that we think you should know today.. Some good, some bad, some scary, a few fads.. read and weep, Earthling..

Some political news to begin
Here is a bizarre story from the political world in Florida: Apparently there was a debate at the Governor's debate over a fan that was propped to keep Charlie Crist cool. Here is the VIDEO from CSpan..
The rules said no fan. Crist denied knowing about it. Eventually Florida Governor Scott came out after several minutes of shouting, jeering, and controversy from the audience..  It was tense, weird, and perhaps one of the weirdest moments in debate history in politics.

"Nothing to see here" continues strong in Japan.. Radiation levels from Fukushima are the highest ever after the monster typhoon that just struck. As a matter of fact, they are three times higher than previous levels. And the previous levels were high..

Is he with the CDC? Both the ambulance company and Emory University Hospital said the unprotected man with the clipboard (center) is not one of their employees - meaning he is likely a CDC employee
Who is the mystery man that was not wearing protective gear around an Ebola infected patient being transported from Dallas to Atlanta.. But at least he had a clipboard. Meanwhile, there are worries in Dallas that things may get worse. Also this: The hospital that seemingly has screwed up so bad in Dallas is saying sorry for the Ebola mistakes it has made.. Kevin Sack in the New York TIMES writes about the downfall of a hospital due to Ebola. This seems to be a very big wake up call hospitals that are not trying to prepare--as the hospital in Dallas apparently fell victim to.

The NEW YORK GIANTS received an EBOLA primer.. They play this weekend in Dallas.

Meanwhile in the UK, a nurse is finding herself in hot water after purposely breathing on a child ... she was doing so while she had a throat infection.

There are accusations being made of a double standard in France's judicial system. Apparently a topless woman imitated an abortion at a church. She simulated an abortion by carrying to the altar pieces of a calf’s liver, symbolically representing the fetus. The act culminated in Bouton urinating on the altar’s steps.. But amazingly, that's not the story of controversy.  Some are saying that the penalty is much less than the group got when they put a pig's head out of a mosque. A fine for the abortion stunt. Prison time for the 'religious intimidation' of the pig's head bit. Either way, always topless, rude and crude.

Real news is beginning to look like a horror movie..

This is a scary map: Watch 13 years of a drought develop in the state of California on one GIF.. the most amazing sight to see is how the dark red sort of develops out of no where over the past 24 months.

This must have been a horrific scene in Missouri: Spiders "bleeding from the walls" in a home drove the family out--6000 venomous spiders to be exact.  Two pest control companies were unable to stop the deluge of horror..

VICE has a must read article running about the man who trick the chemtrail conspiracy theorists.. Michael Allen writes in the publication about a man who used 'video evidence' to show chemtrails--all the while duping people into thinking it was evidence of chemtrails.  While this is not a commentary in my opinion that dismisses all chemtrail evidence, it certainly shows how pervasive hoaxes can be online. Perhaps someone needs to come up with the ANTI-SNOPES page, a site that will announce a conspiracy theory but discredit anyone who is trying to discredit it with fakery. Nonetheless, good read in VICE.

Here is another hoax that people are STILL falling for: The future according to Adam Sandler.  The pervasive rumor that the actor predicted many horrid tragedies was put out by the ONION in a satirical piece. That has not stopped people from believing it and re-posting the fallacious information.

TIS THE SEASON: A group of 'ghostbusters' in the UK say that when they went to a haunted mansion, they saw ghosts crawling around on the ground. The SCOTSMAN has the full creepy story of the haunted house..

Terrified mother captures snap of evil black-eyed ghost on family day out
I think this may just be a tree, but the DAILY STAR in the UK is reported that a 'terrified mum' (love their way of speaking) saw a black eyed ghost in a tree.. I still just think it's a tree.

A website posted a list of the most annoying Facebook status updates. We agree.. along with it, throw in the photos of food and other Instagramed-colored hue-ed photos that pretend life is grand.

I am sandwiched in the middle of two locations GAWKER reports have the 'ugliest accents' in the United States. I pick Pittsburgh, simply because the Scranton accent has more weight in the coal region of  Pennsylvania where I currently reside.  The dialect is peculiar and often tough to listen to.. the videos in the GAWKER article are right on the money.




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