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I think I swear.. my son gets sick on holidays.. He’s 3 and a half, going on 30, but I remember each and every Halloween — and beginning of the Christmas season— he has been ill. Little Ayden Morris is setting a pattern.. to fall under the weather not only when the weather changes, but at times when important dates and events are set on the calender..

Parents may consider this situation to be abundantly the same as their own.. The perils of parenting--something I have written about previously on other websites.  Since February 2011 when my son was welcomed into the brave new world with open arms and all of the human love someone can give him, worries increased as well. The prospects of nuclear war is scary.. but so often, late night temperatures spiking above 103 degrees is even worse.. heck with Chernobyl, a forehead is hot..

Last night and today are no different.. And timing, yet again, was key. We should have known..

Trick or treat night tonight.. I think we will elude the subject and attempt to keep it light. No Halloween talk. Because if he misses trick or treating due to his fever he will never forgive us—if he knows.. But last year we had the same scenario.. the year before did as well. In 2011, on Ayden's first Halloween, my wife and I brought him to see his maternal grandmother recovering from a bought of medical issues .. she died only days later, but left this world happy. The only thing she wanted to see before leaving the planet was Ayden in his STAR WARS Ewok costume...

As noted, Halloween appears to be cursed for Little Ayden. From babyhood to toddlerland, the times are often cursed when it comes to the season of the witch.

So this Halloween, it’s doctors appointments with a fresh diagnosis of strep throat and no doubt another sleepless night, and the alternation of Tylenol and Motrin .. fun times ahead.

It's somewhat interesting that Ayden, home sick today, has reverted to asking for every single product he sees on a commercial.. he wants Santa Claus to bring it for him. He's already entering Christmas mode, even before Halloween is over.

Makes sense..
Even  he has written off this trying time..
My favorite holiday.. three years in a row filled with fevers and sickness. Cursed..

Happy Halloween indeed..



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