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If you start dreaming of Mother Abigail, all bets are off

UK TELEGRAPH: Ebola 'could become airborne': United Nations warns of 'nightmare scenario' as virus spreads to the US .. MORE: Anthony Banbury, chief of the UN's Ebola mission, says there is a chance the deadly virus could mutate to become infectious through the air »

This is the big fear of mine, and has been so.

Lets take a trip…back in time.

The year was 2012. There was research in Canada on Ebola.. the story goes like this,according to a HEALTHMAP.COM article posted at the time:
When news broke that the Ebola virus had resurfaced in Uganda, investigators in Canada were making headlines of their own with research indicating the deadly virus may spread between species, through the air.

The team, comprised of researchers from the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, the University of Manitoba, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, observed transmission of Ebola from pigs to monkeys. They first inoculated a number of piglets with the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. Ebola-Zaire is the deadliest strain, with mortality rates up to 90 percent. The piglets were then placed in a room with four cynomolgus macaques, a species of monkey commonly used in laboratories. The animals were separated by wire cages to prevent direct contact between the species.

Within a few days, the inoculated piglets showed clinical signs of infection indicative of Ebola infection. In pigs, Ebola generally causes respiratory illness and increased temperature. Nine days after infection, all piglets appeared to have recovered from the disease.

Within eight days of exposure, two of the four monkeys showed signs of Ebola infection. Four days later, the remaining two monkeys were sick too. It is possible that the first two monkeys infected the other two, but transmission between non-human primates has never before been observed in a lab setting.

The candidate to blame for the airborne transmission: They concluded that, maybe, it was one of these three: airborne, droplet, or fomites..

What worries me the most though is this: Mutation. Ebola mutates quickly.. It was one of the meanest, cruelest, and worst nightmares for humanity. It liquefies the body, including the bones. In the past, the only way to contain the disease was to let it burn itself out in villages. Even back August of 2014, NPR and others reported on the problem containing the current outbreak being the quick mutation. Another issue is how much faster Ebola mutates in humans rather than animals..

And all that coupled together: Airborne is scary. Very scary.

If things don’t pan out in a positive way for mankind, the STAND may turn out to be true, even though my readers are most likely tired of my endless comparisons.

The question will be is this: Is anyone having dreams of Mother Abigail yet? Because the rats indeed are in the cornfield..


  1. I had reoccurring dreams that were reminiscent of those had in the stand back around April-June. I cannot recall exactly what the details those dreams were, but I do recall being conflicted during my waking hours as whether they were 'good' or 'bad'

  2. I would be the same--unsure of whether to feel uneasy or at ease.. I'm curious to know of the details of the dreams


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