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We are all lost in a sea of political nightmares ... This time of year comes packed with stories of the right and the left doing very bad things.

Democrats will link us posts on Facebook showing how evil Republicans are, the opposite takes place from our Republican friends, lambasting Democrats for their immoral acts.

There are people behaving badly on both sides of the aisle, and frankly I just don't care anymore.

I will vote this year as I do every year, but I just don't care who wins..

It will be the same thing next year and the year after that, we will have the same tired debates about taxes and government reform, spending, national, and foreign-policy. But the debate will constantly echo into infinity, the band will play on, and the balloons will drop over yet more conventions in presidential elections to come.. all the while no changes will occur to bring relief to the economic climate that has engulfed America..

Call me negative, or just say I'm realistic. Either way I believe that this political season was just like the last one and will be just like the next one.

I chuckle when I hear people saying "the political process is the worst it's ever been" or "I have never seen this negative of the campaign" .. Then you have not been paying attention. It has been this negative before and will be again, the best man has never won, and those who have any sense of honesty or decency so often or laughed out of Congress by the people, folders, who claim they want honesty and decency in government.

Chances are you never heard the name Cynthia McKinney. You should have, but chances are you won't even look her up after reading this...

So in that regard we may be the reason that nothing ever changes, the fact that we keep posting those hateful messages about the other party on Facebook but looking at her own with rose-colored glasses ignore all of the sins our own party commits..

We keep voting for the same people and expecting different results, leading me to conclude that there is some form of insanity at the heart of the American dollar

Negative advertising has always been around, mostly because of how effective it is and it's major getting people to vote. People respond to fear much more than hope.

We can lie to ourselves and say the opposite is true however, we know this: Many presidents would not have won an election without besmirching the character of the other person, and many candidates would never of been reelected unless they struck fear into the hearts of the voters especially in saying all those "dangerous" things the other guy would do. The 2002 election was a prime example of the primal fear used: Terror and war. Even this year, because it it's throughout the nation are using as a kid! He disease has now become a debatable topic in American politics..

So if you're ready to tell me I am wrong, save it. Like mentioned before I will vote. And that's about that, I will fulfill my civic duty and I will share my political ballot in the process. But I won't expect much in return, as a matter fact I will expect nothing but the contrary of what those who wins say they will do.

Twas always thus and always thus shall be..



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